These blogs represent an emerging new theology from a different perspective. My posts are concise. Read them over several times until the ‘light shines’. It is my sincere desire that this emerging system of thought will become a phenomenon over the next few years.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”(Gen. 1:1) But before that took place there was a spiritual entity or life force that is called by the name of Sophia, which is the Greek word for ‘wisdom’ There were civilizations of human creatures quite different than us. They existed in complete harmony with the divine creatures in an original ‘mystic union’.

This paradise of existence was not based on any fleshly, human desires or needs. Intellectual knowledge was not needed. Somehow this paradise of “delights” was lost for wisdom now pleads with mankind to return to her gates of instruction. The ancient text known as the book of Proverbs tells this tale in chapter eight. This is the backdrop for my search into that ancient knowledge that we once had. The search is the destination so come with me as we access the collective consciousness of sages, prophets and wise men of the ages. A light is just beyond the veil.

This is the book that explains it all. From ancient revelations to early defection from the truth and then a veil of knowledge perpetuated over the centuries. You can find this book on amazon