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By | January 15, 2022

Within the narratives of the Bible texts are the instructions as to how to interpret this divinely influenced set of manuscripts. After 2000 years of manipulation, translation, and higher criticism we are no closer to a consensus of Bible meaning than were the earliest believers. The teachings of the master and the accounts of first century history have all been influenced by the shortcomings of human perception.

Rather than the vision of unity as desired by Christ, we have created multitudes of versions of so-called truth. The legacy of theology is a world of conflict and fleshly agendas as those that “commend themselves’ (II Corinthians 10:12-18) create their own fortresses of truth and then vow to defend their doctrines. Christians have been the victims of this defection as they have been lulled to a place of complacency concerning true righteousness.

The fruit of this defection from the “simplicity that is in Christ” (II Corinthians 11:3) is that the desire of God’s heart is not being accomplished. The ‘bride of Christ’ has not ‘made herself ready’ to meet Christ at the promised “marriage of the lamb” (Revelation 19:7) Even the meaning of this mysterious passage in the apocalypse of John has been shrouded in complicated verbiage from the “wisdom of men” with their limited intellectual pursuits at Bible interpretation.

The Christian population has been given incomplete and short-sighted information concerning spiritual matters. They have not been supplied with the means to cross the threshold and find the deeper, divine truth that flows in every chapter of the Bible. the book is available on amazon.

with this course in Intuitive Bible Study the mind of Christ will be explored as well as the combined consciousness of wise men, prophets, seers, apostles and writers of the ages.

We will come to see the many layers of understanding that are filtered through the narratives of the texts. There is so much that we have missed that our general view of the Bible has become linear or one-directional. This collection of manuscripts that we are taking a fresh look at are much more than a storybook, spiritual guide or a roadmap to heaven.

From the parable of Jesus about the sower we gain insight into the first steps to realizing a new, heavenly oriented outlook and vision. This will thus enhance our desire to dig deeper into the greatest book on earth. We will continue to learn from the master teacher about our mind and the power it possesses. From there we begin to explore the basic, introductory set of principles for finding what the most, vital truths of the Bible are. They are ‘hidden in plain site’ but available for those who ‘ask, seek and knock’. Find this book on amazon.

I have added an extensive section giving an historical overview of the first few centuries of our common era. This is to expand on the knowledge base needed to know how and when the earliest believers got off course. It also reveals insight into the production of the Bible as a book. This information is vital to a complete understanding of todays complicated religious environment.

The information is controversial but not written in a confrontational manner. Many voices are online giving perspectives different than the norm but they are guilty of unchristian attitudes and spiteful language. By their fruits you will know if they are sincere in their desire to honor the Lord or are self-promoters. My sources are available to search out and are well known to theologians, pastors and teachers at Christian universities.

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