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What Christianity Needs

The collective consciousness of Christianity works the same as each individual mind of the believer. As a religion, for that is what Christianity is, the all encompassing assumption is that the Christians success depends on being faithful. But to what must they be faithful? The right words are used as they declare the need to… Read More »

Far fetched, soon coming

In Acts 1:8-11 there is recorded a scene that defies the intellect and the imagination at the same time. It is one thing to declare the resurrection and ascension to have happened but another to describe the scene as an eyewitness account. Despite any misgivings about the veracity of this passage we want to discuss… Read More »

Jesus and the ‘second coming’

In the gospel of John, chapter 14, the words of Jesus the Messiah are recorded as a conversation with the disciples. There are three things that Christ says relating to the second coming. In verses 16-17 the “spirit of Truth” or ‘comforter’ would come to dwell within his followers and “abide with you forever”. Then… Read More »

“whose god is their belly” Philippians 3:19

Christians cannot allow themselves to think esoterically about Bible meaning. They will naturally resist any notion of a deeper, mystical content in Bible narratives. The veil of ‘intellectual knowledge’ is in place just as the Jewish nation has been “blinded in part”. II Corinthians 3:14 says, “But their minds were blinded; for until this day… Read More »

approach the Bible spiritually

Every conflict of words and meanings; every contradiction that presents itself in Bible narrative and every verbal battle over divine concepts is the result of insisting on ‘Literal Interpretation’ rather than being open to “the deep things of God” The world of theologians, especially those with degrees and /or diplomas from schools of higher learning… Read More »