We are here to set free the captives of Christianity. While God still waits for his people to begin following the tenants of Christ’s teachings, millions of sincere believers are veiled under false impressions. The shepherds have not led their sheep to greener pastures of divine wisdom. The church lost it’s way many centuries ago. Now the consciousness of humanity is beginning to wake up and Christians are becoming aware of their defection from the faith. but is is only a small remnant that is fully engaged in genuine spiritual growth and knowledge of the truth as promised by Jesus himself. Little by little, line upon line we are learning what the original message of the bible really is.

Informing and engaging the consciousness of readers by appealing to intuition and cognitive thought. Going beyond cliche’ and creed to eternal, soul enriching concepts

“Whither goeth a mind whose vision is skewed with notions of dubious source? Whence came the mists of untethered lore that drew the once staunch one down? And why does the knowledge, once simple and freeing, seem to resist our souls restless being?

For all of the efforts to find and hold on to, a shoreline of safety from waves of despair, we find in our searching a singular truth which though unperceived always was there. The same human mind that scans the horizon for signs of hope in the storm clouds rising, can also calm the storm within simply by saying, Let it be done.” DWR

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This is the book that explains it all. From a broad perspective of human intuition and divine wisdom comes an easy to read narrative of ancient revelation, defection from the truth and a veil of perception, perpetuated throughout history.

“Intuitive Bible Study- A New Interpretive Model”https://www.amazon.ca/Intuitive-Bible-Study-Interpretive-Model/dp/B09NW5W1VM/ref=sr_1_1?crid=QOEB3BWHDVT7&keywords=intuitive+bible+study-a+new+interpretive+model&qid=1686863360&s=books&sprefix=intuitive+bible+study-a+new+interpretive+model%2Cstripbooks%2C590&sr=1-1

A must read for all Christians

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